Ashes Scattering Cruises

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To print our Hindu information please click here Hindu Ashes Scattering Ceremonies

To print our Sikh information please click here Sikh Ashes Scattering Ceremonies

To print our ashes scattering cruises information please click here Ashes Scattering Ceremonies

We welcome all religions and also guests who prefer not to have a religious ceremony. For your ashes scattering we take family and friends onto the beautiful River Avon on our heated cruising boat, The Rita Ellen. We can accommodate up to 36 guests. There is no minimum.

The River Avon rises near Rugby, flows past Coventry, Leamington Spa & Warwick and then into Stratford upon Avon. The Avon joins the River Severn at Tewkesbury and then flows into the sea. Your loved ones ashes may be scattered in a peaceful and pretty spot downstream some distance away from the busy Stratford upon Avon town centre. You may scatter ashes with or without a religious ceremony. We respect your choice.

We offer a selection of devotional music which can be played on your cruise. Click here for Hindu songs and Sikh songs. Or you can bring your own music on an iPhone or Android mobile phone.

Flowers, paper petals, paper boats, ghee candles, bio-degradable water urns made of salt, sand or handmade paper may be floated on the river. If the urn is a tube, plastic or cardboard we will look after it when you leave. Plastic bags, urns or tubes cannot be put in the river as they do not biodegrade and are dangerous for the environment, wildlife and boats.

We offer a selection of Journey Water Urns which are hand-crafted from sustainably produced and biodegradable mulberry paper. These beautiful and natural urns when placed in water will float briefly and then sink gracefully to the riverbed, where they break down naturally over time. Not only are they beautiful but they also prevent ashes blowing around around which can upset some people. We can help you transfer the ashes to the urn on the day or send it to your funeral director for transfer ready for your collection.  Please call 01789 269669 for more information or send an email to 

If you would like to discuss your ceremony please Contact us for more information.

Tea, coffee with biscuits can be served after your ceremony in china crockery  for a small charge of £1.50 per person.

We have a selection of soft drinks to purchase and a licensed bar. Excellent cream teas, sandwich buffets and cakes can be ordered in advance. You can also bring your own cold snacks and sweets.